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I’ve always been
passionate about food.

As far as I can recall,
I was in the kitchen
with my grandmother,
spying on her magic.

Then came the idea of a café.
Actually, THE dream
of MY café.

My love for food came from my grandmother and her amazing flair in the kitchen. Or eating left over lettuce in the morning with my grandfather... That’s when I learned that there is no rules in food, only enjoyment!

I love eating, trying new flavors, but what pleases me the most is cooking for others to enjoy. And the older (wiser?) I get, the more I find how food can be good for both the soul and the body. Today, we tend to eat fast, without so much regards for the nutrients that we put on our plates. The world has changed and us too, but we should still take time and chew wisely.


In the past I have catered for bands on tour in London, UK, and baked for a coffee place in Banff, Canada. From 2017 to 2019, I did also worked with a vegetarian caterer in Göteborg and then realized that I could take the leap and do it on my own. That would be a first step towards my dreamed café.

Throughout the years my food habits changed, turned to veganism, and I educated myself about plant-based cooking. 


If you are an individual trying to vary your diet, switching life style altogether or simply curious about other food options, if you are a company organizing an event or planning a morning meeting, Julie's Café can be the answer to your needs. The menu will change with the seasons, as all plants don’t grow all year round. Local products will as much as possible be a first choice.


  • May 2019: launch of Julie's Café as a catering business

  • November 2020: the kitchen/café in Majorna opens its doors

  • August 2022: the café now opens and offers lunch every day from Tuesday to Saturday

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